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The security solution for Education

To support their activity educational establishments such as universities colleges and training companies all use a number of key security documents such as offer letters, certificates, transcripts and identity cards, etc.

As industry experts, we recommend a multi-layer approach to document security, with features built into the graphical design or added during printing or manufacture, as well as optical security devices.
These will all work together to give your documents and cards a high level of protection. As well as the ability to verify quickly without the use of tools.

 Security Foiling’s Education-SECURE solution offers a range of security features which are:

    Easy to authenticate
    Extremely difficult to copy
    Very hard to alter

Our Optical Security Devices are specifically designed to deter the counterfeiter by protecting paper documents and cards against forgery and alteration as well as offering instant authentication.

This solution has been used to secure University certificates in the Middle East. See our case study page for more information.

For more information on our Education-Secure solution, please call us on:  +44(0)1473 707204
Alternatively you can email us.

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