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Monday, 31 January 2011 17:33

MicroPOISE™ Auto-Sheet Feeder

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hologram machine for certificates

The MicroPOISE™ Sheet-Feeder is for high end control over your low volume document production.

  • Applies Duogram®, Datafoil® and holograms as well as graphic hot foil
  • Feed up to 2500 sheets per hour
  • Feed sheets up to A4 (278 x 210 mm) in size
  • Applies multiple holograms to a single sheet (up to 15)
  • Control, store and recall jobs with the SENTRY PC app

Ideal for low volume applications such as -

  • Education Certificates
  • Import Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax Documents

For more information on our MicroPOISE™ Auto-Sheet Feeder, please call us on: +44 (0) 1473 707204

Alternatively you can email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Typical Production Examples

Example 1: Auto sheet feed

A4 cheques, 2000 cheques per day requiring
a 15 x 60mm Datafoil area.
Auto sheet feeding 2000 Cheques : 1 hours

Example 2: Auto sheet feed

A4 Secure documents, 4000 sheets per day requiring
2 25 x 25mm Holograms per sheet.
Auto sheet feeding 4000 Cheques : 2 hours

Maintenance : example

Foil changes : Every 9 production days (10 Minutes each)
Make Ready Changes : Every 5 production days (10 Minutes each)
Machine Service : Six monthly

Technical Specification

Production Speed
  • Up to 1800 impressions per hour for multiple holograms per sheet
  • Up to 1250 impressions per hour for single holograms per sheet
Feeding and stamping format
  • Sheets can be fed in landscape format with hologram stamped anywhere within the top half of the sheet. To stamp on the bottom half of the sheet it must be fed into the machine tail leading.
Sheet Feeder
  • 100 Sheets at 0.1 mm.
  • Paper dimensions H : 270 - 305 W : 76 - 216 mm

Sheet stamping Position
  • Along the sheet, 16 way programmable memory system allowing instant control of 
  • Stamping position from 1 to 15 holograms inline in one pass
Security feature stamping area
  • Within the max 65 x 30 mm stamping area

high speed hologram applicator machine a4 paper

high volume hologram machine a3 sheets

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Click to watch the MicroPOISE MK2 Auto-Sheet Feeder in action!
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