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Alcohol & Substance

Security Foiling is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees, staff and visitors. This may be put at risk by employees who misuse alcohol, drugs and/or other substances to the extent that their health, work performance, conduct or working relationships are detrimentally affected.

This document outlines the alcohol and substance misuse policy.

Aim of the policy

  • to raise the awareness of the detrimental effects of alcohol and other substance misuse and the benefits of making healthy lifestyle choices
  • to help employees to understand and follow guidelines around safe alcohol consumption
  • to prevent alcohol and substance abuse problems which occur in the workplace (and may affect performance)
  • to detect any problems which do occur early and help the employee to modify his/her behaviour
  • to identify staff in need of support and give them appropriate help and support through occupational health or other routes

Our objectives



1. Prevent alcohol and substance misuse problems which occur in the workplace

  • ensure all employees are aware that they must not render themselves unfit for duties as a result of the consumption of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

2. To promote healthy lifestyle choices by increasing staff awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol and substance misuse

  • provide educational leaflets and resources on alcohol and other substances

3. Identify and appropriately support employees who have a substance misuse problem.

  • show support and work sensitively with employees who have an identified or suspected, substance misuse problem
  • treat any case or suspected case with absolute confidentiality
  • manage the case of any employee with a suspected or identified substance misuse problem which is affecting their work performance in accordance with the companies managing sickness absence policy (provided there is full cooperation from the employee concerned)
  • manage the case in accordance with  disciplinary procedure if we are unable to achieve cooperation from the employee

Policy statements

All staff and employees must not render themselves unfit for duties which they are required, will be required or may reasonably be expected to perform through the use or consumption of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

Employees must not consume, use, provide or possess alcohol or any other inappropriate substances whilst on site.


All employees will be made aware of the alcohol and substance misuse policy. The policy will be included in the employee handbook and employee information or induction packs.

Review and monitoring

The alcohol and substance misuse policy will be reviewed six months from implementation and then annually after that.
A Director will be responsible for reviewing the policy and monitoring its effectiveness.


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