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Australian Port Security ID

Australian Aviation Security ID Card (ASIC) and MSIC



Australia introduced mandatory Airside Security Identification Cards (ASIC) and Marine Security Identification Cards (MSIC)  to prove background checks for individuals  to gain unescorted access to secure areas of  airports and seaports. Holograms need to be added to these cards when they are issued at 24 airports and 8 seaports.


MicroPOISE™ with single card feeder are used to apply the hologram as soon as the card is issued, dramatically reducing the chance of counterfeit cards in circulation.


By 2015 x00, 000 MSIC and ASIC card have been secured with holograms as they were issued at the port authorities or airlines, each hologram can be individually traced to the issuing station thanks to SFL’s die technology.

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