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Birth Certificate


Birth Certificate

Initial Situation

At the start of the project Security Foiling worked as a consultant for a central government to increase the security of the country’s Birth Certificate.

The existing certificate was a watermarked paper with some level of security print which were personalised at 15 different birth registration centres.

The Government has identified that the Birth Certificates were being counterfeited and altered in order for unscrupulous individuals to:

  • Obtain a genuine Passport
  • Open a Bank Account in an assumed name
  • Claim Social Security
  • Obtain residency
  • Buy property (Money Laundering)


Our brief was to devise a system that would allow Birth Certificates to be issued securely in a format that would be extremely difficult to counterfeit or alter.

Implemented Solution


We continued to use watermarked paper but made sure that a new design was used and the base certificate was pre-printed with suitable security print including UV, micro text, visible and invisible numbering.

The document  was then personalised in the  15 different  registration centres with the existing printers and the data was secured with Datafoil™. This is a transparent HRI coated hologram foil which is highly tamper evident and therefore offers an extremely high level of counterfeit resistance.

The Datafoil was also personalised with micro embossing at the point of issue to offer a further auditable security feature.

The Datafoil™ was applied with a hand fed MicroPOISE Mk2 desk top hot stamping machine with Sentry PC interface. This allowed the Datafoil™ to be applied in a secure format without misappropriation of the HRI Datafoil™.

Resulting Position

The new Birth Certificates are issued in an inherently secure environment and the next stage of the project is to re- issue the existing certificates.

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