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Co-operation 4 Success

Our Affiliate Program – Helping You to Secure Business and the Rewards

Security Foiling is a leading independent solutions provider specialising in foil and hologram security for paper and plastic documents.

Established in 1987, we offer customised end-to-end solutions, designed and created via our specialist industry knowledge, and fully supported by our first-class service structure.

As our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of foil and hologram security solutions, we have developed an international network of Affiliates to capture enquiries, deliver security solutions and service end-users’ ongoing needs.

Supporting this network correctly is our core business and we are now actively seeking new Affiliates from around the world to help us successfully develop and expand our market.

All of our Affiliates operate within our Co-operation 4 Success sales program which offers three distinct levels of participation with Security Foiling, along with a wide range of potential benefits such as:

  • Revenue from initial solutions sales
  • Ongoing revenue from value-added consumable sales
  • Additional revenue from machine usage
  • Additional revenue from support and maintenance agreements
  • Ability to sell the complete range of products and services without restriction
  • A diverse potential customer-base across a wide number of reputable market sectors
  • Qualified sales leads generated by Security Foiling’s marketing efforts
  • Preferential pricing for bulk purchases
  • Subsidised demonstration machine packages
  • Free product training
  • Free technical support

An Affiliate’s initial status is based upon a joint review of their business plan, their operational structure and their potential activity levels, etc. They operate within a non-exclusive agreement and, to offer maximum flexibility, they are able to sell our complete range of products without restriction within their agreed market area.

The Co-operation 4 Success program offers flexibility, enabling both companies to get to know each another with modest commitment from both sides. Importantly, it allows successful Affiliates to progress upwards through the tiers as their business develops and, in return, they receive increased levels of support from Security Foiling.

Affiliates have direct access to our key resources, allowing them to add genuine value to their security solutions business, and helping them to build customer loyalty and retention.

Our Affiliate’s have provided solutions in the following market sectors:

To view a list of the sectors and products currently being protected by our security solutions click here

With a diverse customer base and numerous product applications, Affiliates can potentially generate significant revenue. Additionally, with a wide range of high-quality secure consumable products providing ongoing revenues and enabling customer retention, our Affiliates can simply concentrate on securing new opportunities.

We know from experience that participation in our Co-operation 4 Success program offers Affiliates a strong and successful long-term business proposition. More details on the requirements and potential benefits of the program can be found on the following pages, and if you feel you can successfully apply the Security Foiling solution to your own territory, then please contact us to discuss the program and its potential long-term rewards in more detail.

Who knows; Security Foiling could soon be Helping You to Secure Business and the Rewards.

For more information about becoming a Reseller please call us on: +44 (0) 1473 708647

Alternatively you can email us:


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