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Spare Parts.

Using official MicroPOISE™ spare parts means your investment will continue to function to the highest standards for many years to come. Your order for spare parts will be handled by the very same team that built the machine. Security Foiling operate an upgrade policy for all of their products to ensure that new technology and efficiencies can be integrated into older equipment where possible.

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Hot stamping foils.

For the highest quality results and to protect the warranty of the MicroPOISE™ we recommend you use official MicroPOISE™ foiling consumables:

  • Duogram® HD - An anti-copy security feature with fast authentication. Unique design for each customer. Available in Gold and Silver.
  • Datafoil® HD - Transparent data protection security feature with fast authentication. Unique design to suit the customers identity and to ‘complement’ the design of the document. 
  • Serial numbering and personalisation – Can be added to Duogram® HD to add that additional level of security or customisation.
  • Holograms - Single image registered or continuous wallpaper.
  • Signiture panel foil - for applying panels onto plastic cards.
  • Graphic hot stamping foil - Every colour imaginable in all types of finishes.

For more information on official MicroPOISE™ consumables email us or call us on +44 (0) 1473 708647

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