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Datafoil™ has been used by the UK Government to protect £200 billion of welfare benefit payments and to protect UK gun licence certificates. It is a proven high security transparent foil based image which is used to protect variable information from being altered – vital in today’s IT and digital print age.

Security Foiling’s expert combination of origination, die technology and hologram and foil knowledge produces Datafoil™ – the optical security device sold in over 60 countries. The high pressure used in the application of Datafoil™ meshes the foil with the paper making it virtually impossible to alter the information being protected without detection.

  • Underlying holographic and foil switching ability
  • Moving dot patterns
  • Complex patterns
  • Micro-text
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Colour switch
  • Tactile look and feel
  • Tamper evident

Datafoil™is specifically designed to stop and deter the criminal from altering information but its bright and tactile feel also enhances the reputation and brand value of the documents and cards being secured.



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