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“There are no Government statistics on the cost of document forgery in the UK maybe it’s because the
fraudulent documents are so convincing that no-one as been able to calculate their impact.”

Government statistics however show that fraud is one of the fastest reported areas of crime with an
estimated £1.3 billion being spirited away from the UK economy each year.
Fraudsters are becoming more audacious and inventive in the pursuit of their aims and are increasingly aided by
technological advances in colour copiers and desk-top scanners. Add to this the fraudulent alteration of
documents such as the name of the payee on a cheque, and the extent of the problem becomes apparent.
Estimates of cheque fraud alone in the UK currently run at around £300 million per annum.
Despite the legal responsibility of business many still make no provision to protect sensitive information.
Identity fraud has no specific legal definition in the UK, but can involve someone stealing your personal or
business information to take over credit accounts, open new ones, take out a loan, access bank accounts or
commit other crimes, such as purchasing goods, in your name or that of your company and at your expense.
No one involved in the issue or use of security documents is safe from these threats as criminals
are constantly finding ways to exploit any weakness.

Foiling the fraudsters

By actively increasing the difficulty of copying documentation, your company
becomes less attractive to the fraudsters than those organisations who do nothing.
Security Foiling Limited (SFL) is a company on the leading edge of fraud prevention, developing
cost-effective techniques to combat the growing threat of counterfeit documentation.
Their latest products include personalised security holograms which can be applied at the point of
document issue, using a specifically designed desktop hologram printing machine called the
MicroPoiseTM. This product applies additional security features to reduce the possibility of copying
and alteration, which not only makes documentation secure but also gives the recipient
confidence that their business is serious about confidentiality and information protection.

For further information on how you could improve you document security please contact the
sales team at SFL on +44(0) 1473 708647 or email:

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