Duogram plastic card

Duogram HD

Duogram®HD is Security Foiling’s flagship optical technology. Duogram®HD is a tactile hot foiled feature which offers unique holographic effects without hologram origination costs!

Easily applied to paper, plastic card, Teslin®* and other synthetic materials

Why Duogram®HD?

  • Secure manufacturing process - All produced in house
  • Controlled supply - Safeguards your design
  • Fast production - Typically within 1 working week
  • User specific design - Your visual identity becomes a security feature
  • Instant authentication - Quick and easily recognisable by eye
  • Covert authentication - Hidden features, revealed using special tools
  • Counterfeit prevention - Practically impossible to copy
  • Quantity - No minimum order quantity required

 Duogram paper

Where is it used?

Higher Security

  • Government documents
  • Certificates
  • Travel visas
  • Licences
  • Identity cards
  • Access cards
  • Cash cards 

Lower Security

  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards
  • Travel cards
  • Sports & event tickets
  • Retail gift vouchers
  • Warranty documents

Colour options

  • SF700 Silver
  • SF800 Gold

Both colour options work in harmony with Datafoil® to provide you with a highly secure and personalised product which can be quickly authenticated.

Duogram®HD+ ThroughView

  • Duogram®HD+ adds a unique level of authentication to the product
  • ThroughView is hidden, it can only be seen when illuminated from behind
  • Features can include image, logo, serial number or security thread
  •  The size can be from microscopic to the full size of the feature
  • Feature can be single image registered or continuous wallpaper

Duogram ViewThrough

For more information on our Duogram®HD security features, please call us on: +44 (0) 1473 708647

Alternatively you can email us.

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