MicroPOISE™ Auto-Card Feeder Pro

hologram machine for pvc plastic cards

MicroPOISE™ Auto Card-Feeder PRO is the perfect solution to add additional features to PVC cards.

Adding value to your card solution. Security features, personalised to your customer, add value and increase customer retention. Low set-up and running costs ensure you remain competitive.

  • Automatic CR80 Plastic card feeding
  • Applies registered and wallpaper holograms
  • Applies signature panels
  • Applies metallic hot stamping foils
  • Applies Duogram & Transparent Datafoil
  • Landscape or portrait feeding
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Economical card production;

  • Fast set-up – less than 15 minutes to change jobs
  • Up to 3500 cards per hour
  • Can save settings and recall later to reduce future set-up times of repeat orders
  • Combining in house holographic foil with personalised micro-embossing die produces unique holographic effect without hologram origination costs.


Ideal for applications such as;

  • National ID Government
  • ID projects
  • Driving licence
  • Student cards
  • Airport and maritime security cards
  • Transport passes
  • Employee ID cards
  • Card signature strips
  • Gift cards
  • Card bureau services

The MicroPOISE™ Auto-Card Feeder PRO is used to apply security features to airside drivers permits at Heathrow Airport

For more information on our MicroPOISE™ with Auto card Feeder, please call us on: +44 (0) 1473 708647

Alternatively you can email us on: enquiries@securityfoiling.co.uk 

The MicroPOISE™ Auto Card Feeder Pro applies all Hot stamped foil features including, registered holograms, wallpaper holograms, Securigrafix, Datafoil, Microtext Micro-embossing onto ISO standard plastic cards at speeds up to 3500 per hour.

The programmable card advance systems allows automatic application of up to 16 different holograms application jobs to be saved to memory allowing rapid change from up to 8 different jobs in both landscape and portrait layout

Production Speed
from 2000 to up to 3500 cards per hour depending on features being applied

Card type
ISO standard plastic cards or similar

Card stamping Position
Programmable 16 location memory allowing instant control of stamping position

Card Feeder
150 card stack feeds from the bottom and can be topped up for continuous production

Feeding and stamping format
Cards can be processed landscape or portrait stamping features in any position on the card anywhere within 3mm from the card edge

Security feature stamping area
Within the max 65mm by 30mm stamping area

hologram applicator machine


Click to watch the MicroPOISE MK2 Auto-Card Feeder PRO working

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