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MicroPOISE™ is the world leading secure desktop hologram applicator.

Trusted by governments, infrastructure authorities, educational institutions, large companies and individuals worldwide to apply security features to security documents and cards of value. Our on demand systems allow users to apply the security feature as the document is issued, reducing the risk of theft during storage as well as reducing the risk of counterfeit documents in circulation.

MicroPOISE™ applies security features using a hot foil stamping process. This dramatically increases the security of the document as the feature can not be removed without detection.

MicroPOISE™ is used to apply a range of hot stamping foils including 
  • Registered single image hologram
  • Continuous wallpaper hologram
  • Kinegram®*
Why MicroPOISE™?
  • Trusted in over 100 countries worldwide - The proven security solution
  • Point of issue security - Greatly reducing the risk of theft and counterfeiting
  • Anti tamper control - Protecting the process of applying security features
  • PC software - Allowing you to store and recall parameters
  • Designed and built in the UK - Guaranteed quality and support

MicroPOISE point of issue security

How is it used?

MicroPOISE is extremely versatile and is used in a wide range of applications around the world.

Some examples include:

  • National ID cards
  • Driving licences
  • Education certificates
  • Cheques
  • Import documents
  • Student cards
  • Travel visa's
  • Credit cards
  • Airport and maritime cards
  • Customs documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Limited edition print

Please see our case study page for some examples.

Feeding Options

MicroPOISE can apply security features to a wide range of materials including paper, PVC card, PET, Teslin®**, polycarbonate and as well as other materials and substrates.

Security Foiling offers a broad range of on demand options for applying features to these materials:

For more information on MicroPOISE™ MK2, please call us on +44 (0) 1473 708647

Alternatively you can email us on: enquiries@securityfoiling.co.uk

*Kinegram is a registered trademark of KURZ and OVD Kinegram
**Teslin is a registered trademark of PPG industries

Typical Production Examples

Example 1: Hand feed

University Certificate, A3 size document hand fed,50 certificates
per day requiring a 25 x 25mm registered hologram.
Hand feeding 50 documents : 10 minutes

Example 2: Hand feed
Cheques, 500 cheques per day 
requiring a 15 x 60mm Datafoil area.
Hand feeding 500 Cheques : 50 minutes

Example 3: Hand feed
250 Customs documents per day requiring 
a 25 x 35mm Datafoil area.
Hand feeding 250 Cheques : 20 minutes

Maintenance : example
Foil changes : Every 9 production days (10 Minutes each)
Make Ready Changes : Every 5 production days (10 Minutes each)
Machine Service : Six monthly

Technical Specifications

  • Combined desktop dimensions (mm) 
  • H: 370 x W: 430 x D: 410
  • Weight 55 (kg)
  • Machine power supply 1 phase 220 - 240v 50Hz
Impression System
  • Strong Impression system with adjustable die head to allow a very accurate level impression
  • Impression pressure up to 1000 kg
  • Dwell adjustable from zero to 1 second
Foil Handling
  • Maximum foil width 67 mm
  • Maximum foil roll 100 mm diameter
  • Maximum foil waste collection 100 mm diameter
  • Foil core size from 25.4 up to 75 mm
  • Number of hologram registration 1 (optional)
  • Hologram positional tolerance +/- 0.25 mm*
  • Hologram Registration Mark 5 x 5 mm
  • Bi-directional centered on image recommended
  • Temperature range 50 -150 degrees centigrade
  • Heat-up cycle time 3 minutes

signature panel machine

hologram stamping machine paper

hologram stamping machine

hologram stamping machine pack to pack

In 1998

MicroPOISE handfed machine was launched and Auto sprocket feeder was introduced for the cheque market

In 2000

20 MicroPOISE were installed with full PC control and digital print integrated to form the Master Workstation for ORC Ireland

In 2001

MicroPOISE manufacture was brought in-house to improve quality.

The first Auto Sheet-feeder system was built

In 2002

MicroPOISE manual card feeder was launched resulting in record sales

In 2003

MicroPOISE Auto card feeder was launched

In 2005

MicroPOISE PRO range was introduced. High speed versions of the Auto card and sheet feeders

In 2006

SENTRY security control system was introduced

In 2007

MicroPOISE MK1B Launched with digital control system and a basic PC interface

In 2010

The digital MicroPOISE MK2 was launched with a fully functional PC interface

In 2011

MicroPOISE Vacuum feeder PRO was launched

In 2012

Development of the MicroPOISE MK3 begins.

Security Foiling Launch Duogram™

SFL continue to develop into new markets


Click here to watch the MicroPOISE MK2 in action!

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