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Mental Health

The need for a mental health policy

Mental health problems and stress can affect anyone, regardless of their job, at any time. That is why promoting and protecting good mental health is so important – not only for a person’s physical health, social wellbeing and productivity, but also for the range of benefits it can bring to the wider organization.

Everyone can contribute to improved mental wellbeing at work, in turn helping to develop a positive working environment for all employees

This document outlines Security Foiling’s mental health policy

Aims of the policy

  • promote the mental wellbeing of all staff by providing information, advice and opportunities for employees to look after their mental wellbeing
  • develop the skills of managers and supervisors to promote mental wellbeing among employees and effectively deal with issues around mental health and stress
  • provide support to employees by offering help and advice to staff who experience a mental health problem and supporting staff returning to work after a period of absence

Our objectives



1. Develop management skills to promote mental wellbeing, manage any issues effectively and tackle factors which may have a negative impact on mental health.
  • provide staff with information and advice about protecting mental wellbeing.
  • offer opportunities for employees to look after their mental health. This could include stress-buster activities, social events or physical activity.
  • ensure staff have clearly defined job descriptions, objectives and responsibilities.
  • offer them support, adequate training and resources to do their job, along with opportunities to develop and fully utilize their skills.
  • effectively manage conflicts and ensure the workplace is free from bullying harassment and discrimination.
 2. Develop a workplace culture based on trust, support and mutual respect.
  • give non-judgmental and proactive support to staff who experience mental health problems
  • arrange a comprehensive induction programme for new employees to ensure they understand their role and the policies and procedures in place within the organization.
3. Provide support and help for employees experiencing mental health difficulties.
  • ensure individuals suffering from mental health problems are treated fairly and are not made to feel guilty about their problems.
  • encourage staff who are experiencing problems to consult the occupational health department, their GP or a counselor.

  • investigate the contribution made by work towards the problem and take steps to address this wherever possible.
  • arrange a graduated return to work for staff who have had a long term sickness absence wherever possible.

  •  treat all matters relating to individual employees and their mental health in the strictest confidence

4. Identify and reduce sources of workplace stress.
  • identify sources of workplace stress to eliminate stress or control the risk.

  • provide confidential counseling for staff affected by stress caused by either work or external factors.
  • ensure that managers are given the resources they need to implement the organization’s agreed workplace mental wellbeing policy.



All employees and staff will be made aware of the mental health policy. The policy will be included in the employee handbook and employee information or induction packs.


Review and monitoring

The mental health policy will be reviewed six months from implementation and then annually after that.

A Director will be responsible for reviewing the policy and monitoring its effectiveness



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