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Physical Activity

The need for a physical activity policy

Physical activity is essential for good health and wellbeing. As well as helping maintain a healthy weight, keeping active can also help prevent a number of illness and conditions, such as obesity, coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, stress, anxiety and osteoporosis.

The workplace is an important setting in which people can increase their levels of activity to benefit their health and protect against illness. Exercise can help manage stress, back pain, weight and a variety of medical conditions, while also helping people to recover more quickly from illness. Studies also show that employees who take part in physical activity report greater enjoyment of their work, improved concentration, mental alertness and greater cooperation and rapport with their colleagues.

This document outlines Security Foiling’s physical activity policy.

Aim of the policy

  • to promote and encourage employees to take part in regular moderate intensity physical activity
  • to create a workplace environment which encourages employees to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine

Our objectives



1. Raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity.

  • provide educational leaflets and resources on physical activity


2. Support employees in becoming more physically active.

  • map out local walking and cycling routes and publicise them to staff
  • provide information on local sports and leisure facilities, classes and clubs
  • offer Bike2Work scheme to purchase tax free bicycles and accessories (see Mark Filby for information)

3. Enable employees to be active in and around work.

  • provide safe storage racks for bicycles and showering and changing facilities


All employees will be made aware of the physical activity policy. The physical activity policy will be included in the employee handbook and employee information or induction packs.

Review and monitoring

The policy will be reviewed six months from implementation and then annually after that.


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