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Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Act 2015

The bill became law on 26th April 2015. The law makes it illegal to sell specialist printing equipment without any due diligence.


Introduction to Project Genesius 

Who are we?

  • A collection of Private companies voluntarily supporting a Law enforcement initiative by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London
  • Actively ‘cascading’ good business practice to resellers and associates
  • Committed to eliminating misuse of security printing equipment and materials

Code of Conduct

  • Know your customer (KYC) – can you prove the legitimacy of the enquirer?
  • Is the enquiry for a genuine need?
  • Is there any risk to your business – money laundering?
  • Will you get paid? – is the payment guaranteed?

Benefits to business

  • Protection of your reputation
  • Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Enhanced systems to prevent failed payments
  • Networking and shared information with other members
  • Shared information with Law enforcement assisting product development and market knowledge.

Success to date – up to March 2012

  • 41 referrals from members to MPS, 718 disruptions and 23 referrals to operational activity
  • Of the 23 referrals, 19 have resulted in prosecution (82%)
  • 35 people receiving custodial sentences of more than 122 years.
  • Information shared by Genesius members is more detailed and capable of conversion to evidence for prosecution.

The role of working group members

  • Security Foiling are active members of the working group
  • Security Foiling currently hold the Vice-Chairman position on the working group
  • Security Foiling actively support initiatives to encourage good working practice that reduces the risk of equipment misuse


Link to the new Project Genesius website

Link to the Metropolitan Police website Project Genesius


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